Dr Tumi rejects Illuminati bribe


Dr Tumi rejects Illuminati bribe

Everyone’s talking about it.

Dr Tumi, or Tumishang Makweya, a widely respected South African gospel singer and songwriter, has announced that he was invited to join the Illuminati in a post on his Facebook page.

So far as Dr Tumi is concerned, he insists that the Illuminati tried to recruit him with a bribe, and that he rejected them:

‘So early today they tried to recruit me to join an Illuminati society. Got told I have been noticed and would be of value. Got promised $1mil (R13 million) a month and great fame and influence across the globe…. But we are not the type you can buy with money. wont leave Jesus for fame or fortunes. I am Already bought with the highest price when Christ gave his life for me. And it is God who will cause my name to be great. Not a society.’


Who are the Illuminati?

According to historians, the Illuminati were a secret society that formed in 1776 in Germany, founded by a law professor called Adam Weishaupt. Professor Weishaupt and his friends agreed that they wanted to improve the world through the use of logic and science, but they were a disorganised bunch and their plans fell apart in ten years. Kind of anticlimactic, really.

But despite the original club having collapsed over two hundred years ago, some people do still believe that the Illuminati exists today. Conspiracy theorists claim that celebrities like Lady Gaga , Micheal Jackson and Rihanna are Illuminati members.

Intriguing! Let’s keep an eye on this story and see where it goes.

Writen by Tara