Dumi Mkokstad to release Ziphozenkosi this Valentines

Dumi Mkodstad and Ziphozenkosi Nzimande

South African gospel artist Dumi Mkokstad who goes by the name Mdumiseni Nzimande announced that he will be releasing Ziphozenkosi this Valentines day. Ziphozenkosi is a song that he composed and sang to his wife on their wedding day last year.

Dumi Mkokstad at Wedding to Ziphozenkosi

The song was inspired by the love God has shown him and gifted him with a wife. Dumi posted the video teaser or trailer of the video of the song Ziphozenkosi and I just got goose bumps. It sounds so beautiful. God loves us all and he is the giver of all good and perfect gifts according to His word.

By the way Ziphozenkosi is also his wifes name, she is also excited to share to song with all the fans who have been asking Dumi Mkokstad to officially release the track as a single. It was not easy for this couple after they got married they faced alot of back lash from the public and media however they pressed on in prayer and their love grew from strength to strength.


The two love birds got married early in 2019 and this is their first valentines day together as a couple. Then Dumi Mkokstad also announced a bonus surprise that he will also be releasing the music video of the song on his Dumi Mkokstad youtube channel under his company Shammah records. In a snippet video we get to hear peaces of the young couples beautiful wedding and the vows they made on their wedding day.

Dumi Mkokstad sings for Ziphozenkosi Mthembu Nzimande on their wedding day

Dr Ziphozenkosi Mthembu Nzimande is a practicing medical doctor but makes time to support her husbands Dumi Mkokstad’s musical career and he also supports her on her health awareness projects. They have shared their love story about how they met and their journey in marriage so far. The song Ziphozenkosi embodies that love from God and appreciating the Gift from God.