The Jesus Dome building Rises After the 2016 Fire

DCC Jesus Dome after the fire

Good news are that the Jesus Dome is set to rise to its glory after the fire. The Durban Christian Centre’s (DCC) Jesus Dome church building in Durban CBD made history as the biggest church owned building structure in the southern hemisphere in the early 20’s. Fitted with the iconic arch on the roof and glow in the dark cross, the church seated over 3 000 congregants.

Sadly it burned down in 2016. Many believers were devastated by the fire as the pictures of the Jesus Dome fire trended for days on social media platforms twitter and Facebook at the time. Nobody was harmed in the fire however a temporary structure was set up for congregants of DCC to gather in for services.

The DCC Jesus Dome has risen from the ashes, glory to God. Soon its doors will be officially opened for service to the Durban community.

The fire which started in the evening around 5.30pm burned down the multi-million-rand Jesus Dome church structure in Durban. The building insurance was approved and the church celebrated after the devastating Jesus Dome fire. The DCC went on to raise further funds to build up a bigger and better church than the previous Jesus Dome. The fire was reported to have started by a devilish power distribution board that tripped and there was an explosion, which was followed by the fire. The vision of the new DCC Jesus Dome building is much bigger and God is making it happen once again for them.