“Uyasondla” hit maker Xolisa Kwinana Shares in Testimony

Xolisa Kwinana - Uyasondla testimony

In a video Xolisa shares his testimony of when his health , faith and career were challenged and surviving a brain tumor.

Xolisa Kwinana is one of South Africa’s upcoming gospel artist who hails from the Western Cape.

He is popularly known for his latest rendition of “Uyasondla”. The song by Xolisa Kwinana titled Uyasondla has recently caught much attention on social media platforms especially Tik Tok. Many videos of Xolisa Kwinana’s music are seen in the Tik Tok videos with various renditions of this powerful “Uyasondla” worship song.


In this testimony video below Xolisa Kwinana shares his testimony in IsiXhosa in detail and mixes with English. We paraphrase and summarize in order to give the gist of Xolisa’s testimony message below the video.

Xolisa Kwinana

Jesus has this verse that says [Mathew 19:26]  “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I saw God’s hand upon my life because if things went according to my enemies or the devil I would have been dead by now

Xolisa Kwinana in Testimony

When he first collapsed

Xolisa Kwinana’s health challenges started in October 2017 when  he collapse on stage for the first time while performing in Gauteng. Xolani was shocked as he or his family did not have any history of epilepsy that he knew of. He was rushed to hospital and was later released with no diagnosis as to what could have been the cause of his fall.

Health challenges persisted later

He returned home to Cape Town and after six month later; in April, while Xolisa was leading worship on stage he collapsed again as he tried to run off stage. The doctors suspected that he was having kidney failure but Kwinana says he was shocked again at the diagnosis because he thought it would be “head related issues” considering that he usually felt dizzy before collapsing. After the second time, it became a regular thing now as often as two weeks he says.

The doctor’s report

In July, the doctor’s finally scanned his head and delivered shocking news that they found he actually had a brain tumor.

As I was told by the doctors ,in my mind there came something that I said  “Xolisa you are going to die”.

Xolisa Kwinana in a Testimony

I was crying having so many questions that came flooding in then began asking God saying “Father why me?

Out of all things, why a brain tumor?

I understand we have some trials now and then but why brain tumor as anything that concerns the brain is so sensitive?”

Xolisa Kwinana in a Testimony

The doctors told him the tumor was as big as a golf ball and it is growing so he needed to take it out as soon as possible. After the operation there was a high possibility that he might not be able to use some parts of his body, he might be brain damaged or not be able to minister any more. After many deliberations and being strengthen by family and friends in the faith, he signed the operation papers trusting God that he will get the help he needed.

Xolisa’s single released on digital platforms

The operation day came

When the day came, as he went into the operating room his family was outside praying and his supporters around South Africa and church were praying for Xolisa’s full recovery. After many hours under surgery, Xolisa says he recalls the Dr saying they thought that he was dead at some point because he was not responding in the machines but they continued with the operation anyway until they finished. They kept Xolisa in ICU for 3 days where they were shocked when he fully recovered with every limb of his body later functional. The doctors told him they were amazed the operation was a success and he should not worry any further.

I am still standing

“Because of the hand of God upon my life, here I am, I am still ministering. I’m still Xolisa and there nothing that is not working fine in my body ” says Xolisa. He further continues in his testimony towards the end and says among many things that he learned that it does not matter what report the doctors give you, he knows now that all things are possible with God no matter what other people say.

I saw God in my life, I saw God, I experienced God’s hands upon my life.

Xolisa Kwinana

Even if it seems you are not getting the results you want at the moment, trust the Lord anyway.

Xolisa Kwinana

Izanigulisa lee ngoma😂😂🤣 #Uyasondla🌈🇿🇦🌈🇿🇦

Posted by Xolisa Uyasondla Kwinana on Monday, 28 September 2020
Tik tok – Xolisa Kwinna’s “Uyasondla” parody

The 28 year old gospel sensation has not looked back since then and continues to minister powerfully. He continues on his calling in music ministry and also hosts a radio show on Cape Town’s Tygerberg 104FM. His latest release “uyasondla” is available for purchase and streaming on reliable online music platforms

Elokugcina bazalwane; In his closing

When satan does something bad and he wants to embarrass you and make you feel small such that you feel you cannot go out there and do the Lords work, just know that God has good plans for you, each test has a testimony, don’t give up.

Xolisa Kwinana closing remarks
Xolisa Kwinana – Uyasondla

Xolisa was raised in Cape Town and started singing at school, church and later released his first gospel album called “Siphila Ngaye” in 2015. The album won him a couple of gospel awards including the iNGOMA award up against Thina Zungu at the time. Kwinana followed up with “Uhamba nobani” which earned him a Crown Gospel Music Award nomination in 2017.