Andile kaMajola Releases Chapter 8

Andile kaMajola Chapter 8


South African gospel artist Andile kaMajola is on a roll and has released another gospel album called Chapter 8. This man of God  is truly passionate about his God and his music, he always goes all out in all his campaigns.

He has been out promoting his new album on various radio & social platforms, he says it is now available in reputable music stores country wide. The award winning artist has alot to celebrate, he & his wife welcomed a new baby boy into the family late last year and now a new album where he pours out his heart in music to God.

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Andile KaMajola has over 15 years in the gospel music industry now and has won 15 awards, including eight Crown Gospel Awards. He was born in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in a village called Emakhabeleni  before moving to Ndwedwe village later in on. He is currently based in Durban and is the founder & senior Pastor of the All Nations Cathedral International Church. Andile is taking the sounds of Durban worship to the world, the album takes you straight to church. Many have already got their hands on it, even fellow well known personalities have gone out to support the album.

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