Ayanda Ncwane Demands Right to use Sfiso’s Songs.

Ayanda Ncwane Music Rights of Late husband

Ayanda Ncwane Demands Right to use Sfiso’s Songs.

Sfiso Ncwane died suddenly from kidney failure at the age of 37 in December 2016, leaving Ayanda to care for the business and the couple’s two young children, Ngcweti and Mawenza Ncwane. Ayanda Ncwane the wife of the late Sfiso Ncwane has requested that nobody should use or record any of Sfiso Ncwanes songs without her companies consent.

Late gospel artist Sfiso Ncwane and family

Ayanda Ncwane who is the current CEO of Ncwane communication has expressed her disappointment over production houses, stations and artists that record and perform Sfiso Ncwanes songs as their own.

Sfiso Ncwance’s wife Ayanda Ncwane with one of her sons

In a statement released by Ncwane communications on the matter the mother of two says that churches, members of the public and his supporters can continue sing the songs however for non commercial purposes only. Ncwane communications is ready to file for copy rights infringement cases over Sfiso Ncwanes intellectual property where a consensus has not been reached regarding the use of his songs. The statement released reads as follows: