Ayanda Ncwane’s Journey to Healing

Ncwane's at the Crowns 2016 looking good
Taken on Ayanda’s & sons first interview after her Sfiso’s death

Ayanda Ncwane the widow of late gospel star Sfiso Ncwane has opened up on her social media accounts. The sudden death of her husband Sfiso Ncwane whom she worked very closely with in his music career left many heart broken when reports surfaced about  his death but not as broken as Ayanda.

Sfiso & Ayanda met in the early 2000s and they were married for about 9 years. They had two sons and Ayanda says they are the reason that she had to find strength to stand up again after the death of their father.

Ayanda Ncwane shared a moving post at the grave site of her late husband Sfiso

Hundreds flocked to her social media accounts and shared heart warming messages to her to encourage her. After a few months off her social media accounts, Ayanda took to Instagram to share special moments between her and her late husband.

Many of Sfiso’s supporters were happy to see her out for the first time  at Lundi’s funeral who was also her husbands friend. She is documenting her progress, memories and source of inspiration in the word of God by posting on her social media accounts, it is great to see her move from strength to strength.

Shared by Ayanda about Sfiso & kids last Christmas together as a family