Ayanda Ntanzi Lands a New Job as a Lawyer

Ayanda Ntanzi lawyer

Congratulations to Ayanda Ntanzi on landing a new job. The gospel star Ayanda Ntazi has decided its time to put his Law School skills to good use and explore a career in Law.

We know Ayanda Ntanzi as an award winning gospel musician but that’s not all there is to him. Ayanda recently announced that he landed a job in a Law firm and will begin practicing as a lawyer.

On Law Qualification

Ayanda was a law student at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) when his music career took off and missed a couple of school courses because of music. By God’s grace, he did well in school and he was able to complete his degree at UKZN in 2019.

Daily Sun reports that the young gospel musician said he will not be quitting music just yet but will be juggling both. The paper quotes Ayanda saying it seemed like the right time as he wanted to explore other areas of interest besides just music as he has worked hard to cement his brand as a musician so far.

On Practicing Law

Ayanda says his interest in law is solely to help people where he can and so he has chosen Medical Malpractice but is still also exploring music copyrighting. Posting about the news on his social media pages Ayanda seemed excited about the new career prospects as a practicing lawyer.

Other good news are that the company that Ayanda will be working for as a lawyer is lead by a Pastor who is also an admitted Attorney since 2012. He will be in the good company of abazalwane (believers ) and professionals at AG NGOBENE INCORPORATED based in Durban.