Bishop H Nala Addresses Homosexuality with Faith Water

One of South Africa’s most controversial Durban based Pastor Bishop HQ Nala has claimed that he can heal homosexuality with his bottled faith water sold at his church Nala Mandate International Church. Nala is known for being very out spoken and for challenging general christian views but promoting his own perceptions.

The Bishop angered many people and those in support of LGBTI groups took to social media to rubish HQ Nala’s views on homosexualty that he shared on the eTV program Check Point.

This was not the first time that Dr HQ Nala claimed he can heal or deliver people from homexuality through his bottled faith water. He sparked an out range from his Facebook post in past years and he has also done radio interviews including at KZN’s Vuma Fm saying homosexuality is an evil spirit that manifests in some peoples lives.

In the TV program he was heard saying that he has spoken to the homosexual spirits during deliverance service and is convinced his faith water can heal homosexuality.   

The LGBTI community said they are dissapointed by the ignorance towards homosexuality.  Most were also concerned about the potential harm his views can cause in the lives of homosexuals who are already facing prejudice.