Bishop Zikhali Welcomes DJ Sgqemeza to the Clergy

DJ Sgqemeza

Pastor Sipho Mbatha takes the Pulpit in Richards Bay after Ordination

Popular radio presenter, motivational speaker and businessman; DJ Sgqemeza was recently ordained as a pastor after completing his studies and training.

Bishop Zikhali who is advanced in the gospel ministry welcomed newly ordained Pastor DJ Sgqemeza and shared the pulpit with him despite some sceptics on his ordination. Bishop Zikhali invited DJ Sgqemeza to minister at his church in Richards Bay called Life Abundance Bible Church International showing him support.

More on Pastor DJ Sgqemeza Mbatha’s Spiritual Journey

The Ukhozi FM radio presenter DJ Sgqemeza whose real name is Sipho Mbatha revealed in an interview that he’s been a devoted Christian for over 15 years speaking to Zimoja.

Pastor Sipho Mbatha further assured those who were concerned about his new path as minister that he is indeed devoted to God such there are things he no longer does such that he doesn’t play at clubs or drink alcohol.

DJ Sgqemeza also celebrated his 3 year anniversary with his wife and attributes his spiritual growth to the support that his wife and family give him.