Bucy Radebe Speaks on GBV Allegations Against her Husband

Bucy Radebe and Thapelo ThoBoke

Bucy Radebe Speaks on GBV Allegations Against her Husband

South African recording artist Bucy Radebe has taken the Gender Based Violence (GBV) allegations leveled against her and husband Thapelo seriously. She also took the opportunity to publicly apologize to Dr Rebecca Malope in hopes to put the matter to rest.

Bucy Radebe was almost in tears at the media conference. She and her husband held a media conference at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg on the 12th May.

“Firstly, I am not being abused as many people have implied on social media,” said Bucy Radebe.

BuCY Radebe and Rebecca Malope on stage

Unfounded GBV Rumors Surfaced

Among other things, the GBV rumors surfaced on social media last week when Bucy Radebe was trending on twitter as from the 2nd of May.

She received alot of backlash (read “dragged”) stemming from a reported altercation involving Dr Rebecca Malope and her manager Thapelo Thoboke who is also Bucy’s husband at her Carnival City Live Recording.

Thapelo was accused of allegedly shouting and even insulting Dr Rebecca using vulgar language words ‘Fu** Off’ when they had a disagreement about her performance arrangements. Some people then reacted to the reports by unfairly labelling Bucy’s husband Thapelo as abusive and aggressive.

Many questioned why he was her manager. Whereas it is common in the gospel industry for partners to work together, for us it was nothing new for example Ayanda Ncwane used to be Sfiso Ncwane’s manager and business partner.

Bucy Radebe mentioned DJ Cleo and Neo as those who allegedly tweeted insinuating that Bucy might be in an abusive relationship because of her husband Thapelo’s alleged aggressive behavior. Bucy denounced all claims of abuse in her marriage and wanted to clear her husbands name and her name as well.

Bucy Radebe’s manager and husband Thapelo Thoboke issued a statement on the 4th of May explaining what happened between himself and Dr. Rebecca Malope at Bucy’s live show on the 30th of April in Sun City.

Bucy Radebe Confirms She is Happily Married

Bucy Radebe assured her family, friends and fans that she has never been admitted to hospital due to GBV relating to her husband Thapelo and in fact actually he hates to see her upset. Please see statement of release by Bucy Radebe in the tweets.

Speaking about the GBV allegations Bucy said “I met my husband Thapelo in 2017. Never did he lay a hand on me. I was never abused. I am not abused. I have never been admitted to the hospital for being abused. He has never sworn at me, pushed me, or manhandled me. He is gentle when it comes to me”

Dr Rebecca Malope’s camp has not commented further on the topic and have agreed with Bucy’s Team to exclude the feature song and will rather focus on other matters.

Bucy Radebe will be releasing her new single and highly anticipated new album this year following the success of her Live Album recording at Carnival City.