CCFM Continues To Impact Lives Positively

CCFM Continues To Impact Lives Positively

CCFM has been a part of South Africans’ lives in Cape Town for over twenty years, broadcasting top-quality Christian content; music, interviews, news, you name it. At the moment, it has over one hundred thousand listeners who tune in to the life changing station.

Sometimes, we can take those who do good for granted. Maybe we’re just so used to them that we forget to be thankful for them. Let’s remedy that today by reminding ourselves of a group of people that work hard to make South Africa a stronger, kinder place: our CCFM family.

Who is part of the CCFM family?

In 1993, a radio station was started in Fish Hoek, founded by the Fish Hoek Baptist Church and called Radio Fish Hoek. Over the years, from those humble beginnings it grew to become today’s CCFM, an indelible part of Cape Town culture with a truly massive audience. Currently, CCFM’s headquarters are to be found in Muizenberg, Cape Town.

For years, CCFM has been diligently giving back to the city and its people. In addition to their regular broadcasts and promotion of Christian artists, they also frequently organise special events and fundraisers for charity. For example, after the Khayelitsha fire in late 2018, CCFM took in Christmas donations of food and clothing for the victims. Also in 2018, they presented the Great Gospel Night Out at Cape Town’s Artscape, and in 2015, they ran the CCFM Blanket Drive in collaboration with Makro Ottery.

How has it been doing recently?

As a community-based station, CCFM has always relied on donations and gifts to stay operational. The good people at CCFM are still working hard to reach out to Christian audiences, lending a hand to those most in need, and, of course, broadcast some great tunes.

The rise of social media means that CCFM can now expand in ways it couldn’t in the 90s. These days, they have a Facebook page where they post news, interviews, train delays, and inspirational stories.

Facebook page Check it out here:

If Twitter is your platform of choice, good news! You can also find them there Twitter :

Podcasts : CCFM also does podcasts now, which you can listen to here: /

How can people donate?

So maybe, in light of all that, you want to help them out to continue the ministry. Maybe you want to donate! Great!

There’s a button for donations on CCFM’s website:

You can also contact them on 021 202 1075.

Writen by Tara