The Church Calls for Peaceful #feesMustFall


Holy Trinity Catholic Church which is situated next to Wits University has come out strongly on the violent elements in the #feesMustFall protests. One of their Priests was shot in the face and multiple times in body by police in a march against fee increases.

The church as a body in South Africa has joined in the conversation about #feesMustFall campaign on free university fees for the poor.The Church has called on government and private business to help make higher education accessible and affordable to all students.

In support of the voices of the students, many church organisations joined in the street march and some provided relief on some campuses. The Methodist  Church of South Africa also met with some student leaders asking how could they help with moving the call peacefully.

The South African Council of Churches also supported the call ealier this year along with Jubilee Community Church who condemed all acts of violence whether by security forces or protesters. joined in and deployed volunteers called Prayer worriers in some of the Cape Town campuses who went around praying in the campuses. They also provided aid, traumma counselling and advocated for peace on campus.