Dr Deborah Fraser Performs after Hospitalization

“My voice works perfectly” Says Dr Deborah Fraser after Hospitalization

Legendary South African Gospel artist Dr Deborah Fraser is out of hospital. The ‘Abanye bayombona’ hit maker was seen in a Tik Tok video performing in a wheelchair which left many of her fans speculating about her health.

Speaking to local news outlet Daily Sun about the video, Dr Deborah was reported saying ” I can’t walk but my voice works perfectly”.

Dr Deborah Fraser’s Health Scare

Dr Deborah has been a performing artist for over 20 years and she recently shared that she was admitted to hospital. In a social media post Dr Deborah said that her health at the time had deteriorated and had to be admitted into Baragwanath hospital for about two months this year.

Dr Deborah went on to thank all those who helped her in the journey to recovery while at Baragwanath hospital.

Dr Deborah Fraser on Performing with a Wheelchair

She decided she was fit enough to honor an invitation she had received even though she was in a wheelchair at the time. The video that was taken of Deborah Fraser in wheelchair was just after her return from her long stay in hospital.

She was not in a car accident, Deborah shared that she was hospitalized due to diabetes complications as she is Diabetic. She opted to use a wheelchair as she was struggling with movement coordination sometimes however she’s much better. She can still sing her heart out.

She looked genuinely grateful to be back performing on stage. In the video of Deborah in a wheelchair she said she was extremely sick this year since February and thought she was not gonna make it out of hospital alive.

She further assured her music supporters that she is doing physiotherapy to regain her movement coordination and is getting all the help she needs to hopefully recover fully.

She encouraged her fans, this is what she posted on her Facebook page: DeborahFraserMusic

Good afternoon family I know I’ve been quiet for a while due to some personal reasons, nonetheless I’d like to thank God for his mercy… For the past two months my health deteriorated and was admitted into Baragwanth hospital. I would like to thank the staff ( Doctors, Nurses and Matrons) of the Baragwanath hospital for their hard work and care for me, I’d also like to thank my friends for praying for me and not forgetting my family who were always there and lastly the Pastors I was in contact with for their prayers.
The storm is over Ngiyawubonga uMusa kaNkulunkulu…🙏🏼


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