Dr Tumi’s Response To News of His Arrest

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Dr Tumi’s Response To News of His Arrest

Dr Tumi thanked his social media followers for their support as he landed on top of the twitter trends from the 7th of April. South African singer and songwriter Dr Tumi responded after a long silence following his release on bail on alleged corruption related charges. Dr Tumi and his wife Kgaogelo Makweya are among those accused of allegedly defrauding the National Lotteries Board of R1.5m seemingly back in 2018.

Good day fam. Hope you all are well. We also are good.

Post on @DrTumi_ via twitter account
DR Tumi and wife
Dr Tumi and his wife Kgaogelo Makweya

In all that drama Dr Tumi came out resilient and showing alot of courage. He assured everyone that was worried about him and his wife Kgaogelo that they were ok and showing love to his fans. Dr Tumi even started planning for the next Dr Tumi gathering which his fans were happy to hear about. He was advised however by his legal team not to comment on media reports as the matter is still being cleared in court. He did not confirm nor refute the allegations just as yet.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Love to you all and wishing you a great day.

DR Tumi via Twitter

Many of his friends, family and supporters rallied behind him to show their support and to share words of encouragement to the gospel star. Some tweets were skeptical while others dismissed the media reports as fake news and some considering it as a simple case of mistaken identity or the devil’s schemes.

Dr Tumi continued to encourage himself in the Lord the next day of his alleged release. He further took to twitter to declare the power of God and his love to the extended DR Tumi family. He has since payed no attention to allegations on social media and is focused on pushing his music which his fans love him for.

You won’t stop my destiny. All power belongs to God.

Dr Tumi, 2021 via twitter account