Dumi Mkokstad and Dr Zipho Celebrate Anniversary and New Baby

Dumi Mkokstad and Wife

Dumi Mkokstad and Wife Celebrate their 4th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations to South African Gospel Star Dumi Mkokstad and his Wife Dr Ziphozenkosi (Zipho) Nzimande who are celebrating 5 years together as a couple and their 4th wedding anniversary.

Dumi Mkokstad and his Wife Dr Zipho got married on the 6th of JUNE 2019 in a private ceremony. The pair also announced that Dr Zipho is pregnant and they are expecting their second child together.

This young couple went from being the most controversial couple after their secret wedding to being the most celebrated gospel couple. Their first child together is a girl and Dumi Mkokstad has been hinting about the gender of their second baby being a boy.

Dumi Mkokstad Documents Love Journey in a Series of Posts

Dumi Mkodstad went on his social media to also celebrate their love journey together with Dr Zipho. Dumi started by recalling their courtship times back in 2018, their first date, first TV appearance together and other achievements in a series of posts on his Instagram account.

Dr Zipho was seen smitten in the comments after Dumi Mkokstad love bombed her for their 4th wedding anniversary.

Here are Dumi Mkokstad’s Love bomb posts:

Dumi Mkokstad

Dumi Mkokstad
Dumi Mkokstad
Dumi Mkokstad

See you at 5YEARS ANNIVERSARY moments

Dumi Mkokstad