Dumi Mkokstad defends his Crown

Dumi Mkokstad Crown 2015

Dumi Mkokstad Crown 2015

Dumi Mkokstad defends his Crown.

Dumi Mkokstad defends his crown award that he received for the 2015 gospel song of the year. Just a few days after the 8th Crown Gospel Music Awards 2015 that were recently held in Durban on the 15 of November, rumours have surfaced about how low some of the nominated artist were willing to go just to get that crown. Some even felt that this years winner of the gospel song of the year category did not deserve it.

Well gospel artist Dumi Mkokstad did not take the smear campaign lying down and took to social media to address all the haters. Dumi thanked all those who voted for his song and expressed his disappointment at the hate he received while he was campaigning. He updated a post on instagram and this is what he had to say;

“In one of the Radio stations I was doing an interview with one of the contestants I was nominated with and HE/SHE gave incorrect voting information and I corrected that on their behalf.Making sure that those who support them don’t make any mistakes while voting.


I went to another Radio station.When I got there the radio DJ showed me an SMS from one of the other contestants I was nominated with saying, I quote ” Lowomuntu mnike 10-15 minutes aphume ahambe, angifuni umuntu ozoDidisa abantu lapho” this DJ showed me this SMS and I ignored it and continued to beg people to vote for me.


At one stage,a picture created by another contestant was all over the social network community where by a bird stood on top of a Snake (the bird was that contestant and I was the snake) my face was used in that picture. I ignored that too and continued to ask people to vote for me.

There is nothing more painful than being discredited for WORKING HARD to earn something only for people you RESPECT and LOOK UP to, To say u do not deserve your victory not thinking about how you could feel as an artist. uNKULUNKULU UTHEMBEKILE, UBONA LA KHONA ABANTU BENGABONI KHONA.”

Jhooo I was so shocked that abazalwane can act this way, come on, this cannot be right. I wonder who the person he was talking about is. I hope this type of thing won’t happen again.


Screen shot of Dumi Mkokstad status


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