Former UKhozi FM’s Sbu Buthelezi Speaks after Church Donates

Ukhozi Fm's sbu buthelezi and Siya mhlongo

The Church Community Mobilizes for Sbu Buthelezi Donations Following Reported Financial Woes

Sbusiso Buthelezi the former Ukhozi FM gospel radio presenter, motivational speaker and businessman made headlines recently for reportedly owing people money over 1 million rand.

Reports of Victims of Abombuso Investments Confrontation Continue

The news articles circulating on social media (Isolezwe ) alluded that Sbu Buthelezi was confronted by people called Isikebhe at his home. They demanded a refund from Sbu’s embattled chicken investment business called Abombuso Investments. The Abombuso Investments business dealings are part of the reason Sbu was removed from his Ukhozi FM show.

The armed men of Isikebhe stormed Sbu Buthelezi’s homestead and demanded him to come out of the house. After Sbu Buthelezi refused; they even removed the security gates demanding him to answer to the victims of Abombuso Investments that he owed money to.

While others saw this as an opportunity to lambast Sbu Buthelezi as some sort of scammer, the church community however turned to support and mobilized donations for the troubled Sbu Buthelezi.

Sbu Buthelezi Responds to Donation Campaign

Sbu Buthelezi took to his social media page to thank all those who have shown him support in his time of business trials and financial woes. In the live video on Facebook Sbu confirmed the reported headlines.

He has received some donations already and was touched by all those who remembered him in their prayers and those with business rescue advice. He also promised to honor speaking engagements and interviews to share all about the business failure due to the Covid-19 pandemic at a later time when he is in a better position to do so.

Ngiswele imilomo eyizinkulungwane, ukungibongela kinina🙏🙏

Sbu Buthelezi Donation Drive Initiative Continues

Many responded to the call for donations towards Sbu Buthelezi and it took someone to be brave enough and stand in the GAP for him despite the backlash from the public.

The host of the “Ipodcast yabazalwane” Thabani Dlamini took it upon himself to mobile for support for Sbu Buthelezi in the mist of his financial woes. Thabani who is also a small media company owner and speaker urged people to put in at least from R10 to R100 towards Sbu Buthelezi for his financial relief offering.

Speaking about Sbu Buthelezi Thabani says its time for the church to give back. “When we talk about the man who’s been so influential to the church bafwethu, aay this man, sesingamkhohlwa nje phela ngoba syashesha ” said Thabani in a call to campaign for Sbu Buthelezi’s donations. Hard times come to everyone and business is not always easy, every bit of help counts.

Sbu Buthelezi Donation Bank Details

Bank: FNB

Account holder: T.S Buthelezi

Account number: 62570100984

Branch: Gateway (Umhlanga)

Branch code: 250108