Khaya Mthethwa Celebrates Donda Release

Khaya Mthethwa on Donda

South African song gospel artist Khaya Mthethwa posted a picture dressed in all black with the captions ‘Donda’. Well social media was surprised with some co-signing the post while others questioned his support for the Kanye West album. Khaya Mthethwa also recently release his latest single called “Ngambulele” which is available to enjoy on digital platforms.

The controversy on his social media post is caused by the fact that ‘Donda’ is the title of Kanye West’s new album, a former circular rap musician. Donda is the second faith based album by American hip-hop artist Kanye West and this follows his first album called “Jesus is King”.

Well, Kanye West actually also released his album Donda under Christian Music and it has become the number 1 selling gospel album since its release according to the numbers.

However, is it gospel music though some may ask? Well others say its maybe more of street gospel or a alternative gospel sounds. The 27 track gospel album is name after his late mother and includes hits singles such as Hurricane, jail to name a few. The album marries his newfound identity in Christ, and a hip-hop production.