Lusanda Mcinga’s Family Respond to Viral Video Reports

Lusanda Mcinga Video on Money

Lusanda Mcinga’s Family React Swiftly To Trending video

The family of gospel musician Lusanda Mcinga are disappointed after she shared a heart felt plea sighting poverty in a video that went viral on social media.

Her family together with South Africans were shocked to hear that she was struggling financially as she detailed her situation in the video.

Lusanda Mcinga’s Viral Video

Lusanda Mcinga has been the lead singer of the popular traditional gospel group called Lusanda Spiritual Group for over 26 years. The Eastern Cape based band has won multiple gospel awards, with gold and platinum albums under their belts.

In the video, her biggest plea is to get support so that she and her band could record again in Johannesburg and release new music.

She explained saying “Ever since the pandemic I haven’t been able to get any gigs which has lead to the repossession of my cars because I wasn’t able to keep up with payments”.

Lusanda Mcinga did acknowledge that her son Betusile Mcinga was the only one who was stable but was unable to keep up with all their expenses saying “it’s too much for him”. Betusile Mcinga is also a gospel musician as a solo artist however he has his own family, he is married and they have 4 kids with his wife.

Family Releases a Statement Lambasting the Pastor who Posted the Video

The family confirmed that the video was posted by a Pastor Sanele Heli who is Lusanda’s friend but done without her managements or families knowledge.

They released a statement after meeting with Lusanda. The family spokes person made a followed up to clear matters after tons of messages were circulated on social media about the legitimacy of the post and bank account details.

Lusanda Spiritual Group’s Statement Release

Lusanda Spiritual Group Second Release Statement

Lusanda’s family has released an official statement detailing the reasons the artist wanted to raise money. They rubbished reports that she is destitute and in deep poverty but are aware that she wanted to record again.

The minute artists stop taking bookings and releasing new music, the chances of running out of money are very high because that’s a major source of income as an fulltime artist.