More about Bishop Benjamin Dube as he Celebrates 60 years of Grace

Benjamin Dube 60th birthday party 2022

The Man of God Bishop Benjamin Dube celebrated his 60th birthday this year on January 23. Benjamin Dube is an award winning gospel singer and songwriter, producer, ordained pastor, businessman and father to four handsome sons. Besides the star studded celebration service, Bishop Benjamin celebrated his 60th birthday in a different way, he choose to share it with the less fortunate, by giving at this time.

When asked in an inclusive interview by BI Phakathi about how he sees himself at 60, the Bishop Benjamin Dube said he sees it as a time to stop toiling, to give directive and handing over the baton to those after him. He says its not that he is giving up or letting go but a time to enter the promise land ,travel to other countries and allow God to use him to instruct instead.

On Bishop Benjamin Dube Upbringing

Benjamin Dube shared that he came from a big family of 5 children and he was the youngest of them. He himself is a PK (Pastors Kid) born of Pastor Grace his late mother whom we have come to know through his music and his late father was an evangelist. His parents were also teachers by profession.
With his siblings, they grew up in that church environment where his father was part of Assemblies of God “Back to God” crusade under the late Bishop Nicholas Bhengu. He took a decision to dedicate his life to the Lord and was born again at the tender age of 14 in Soweto, Meadowlands.

Benjamin Dube and Sons in Drum Magazine shoot

He found out about his gift to sing while at home. He shared that his mother used to allow them to play the guitar and they would sing as a family. They needed someone to lead the family songs and he was always keen and that is one of the things that built up his musical gift. He later started singing in high school and wrote songs for his group he had formed.

What we didn’t know about the Bishop is that he used to be a soccer fanatic, he even played for a soccer team called Santos in Soweto. Soccer got in the way of church because it was played on Sundays and subsequently music won him over.

A call to donate and partner with Bishop Benjamin Dube

Music and the Business of Music

After high school Bishop Benjamin went on to pursue his studies in music at Fuba school of music. The biggest influence in his music at the beginning was Michael Jackson and Andrea Crouch. Andrea Crouch inspired him to write music from the heart and that has meaning and of course his charisma rub off on him too. He began the journey of his calling in ministry in 1986 when he recorded a single called “HOLY SPIRIT”.
When choosing songs and writing music, Bishop Benjamin says he focuses more on the lyrics and message first then melodies and collaborations. What is most important to him he says is communicating the word of the God and maintaining excellence in all that he puts out.

He puts in a lot of effort in every album he puts out and he does not have a favorite because he prayed for all them to be a success. He says he is even particular even about the different musicians he brings onto a project based on its purpose.

Benjamin Dube - Gospel Corner Online

His first live album was called “I Feel Like Going On” and it went platinum. His biggest single “Bow down and worship” was originally done by Bishop S Morten from USA but he was lead by the Holy Spirit to prayer while recording his rendition of the song and it became one of his global hit.

Speaking on business, the bishop emphasizes that business starts when you give or provide what people need and they respond by paying you. He was fortunate to be able to align his passion, gift and business but says it requires a lot of discipline to make it work.

Benjamin Dube has his own music label called Dube Connection where he has partnered with Sony BMG ,Spirit Music, Gallo, and RISA on some projects. After founding Dube Connection he released his platinum selling “In His Presence” series of albums under it in partnership with Spirit Music. His album called In His Presence really cemented his gift to the top of the charts and it was followed by Worship In His Presence then Healing In His Presence and he stopped for abit. He then reintroduced himself after the divorce with his album titled Renewal In His Presence that won many people over followed by Sanctified In His Presence and Victorious In His Presence.

To date he has changed the Gospel landscape with production excellence and continues to pioneer the SA Music Industry for over 30 years. Bishop Benjamin Dube has mentored, fathered and inspired many Gospel and Secular artists to thrive in their craft in the industry both in production and music. He founded Artist such as Hope Arise (AHA) in 2009 and also co-founded God’s worshipers Convocation (GWC) in the same year.

On Challenges

Speaking on challenges in his career he attributes the way he responded to challenges as one of his game changers. Believe it or not but even Benjamin Dube went through a lot of rejection at first from people who did not believe in his talent and the music he was putting out. For a long time in his early music career he was booked as an supporting artist to others and never recognized. He later realized that he had a unique offering here in South Africa and should be himself.

Benjamin Dube has had his fair share of challenges including those in the love department where he was lucky to find love twice. This challenged his personal life and ministry at the time. He has been married twice and he is now divorced after citing irreconcilable differences in the marriages. Since then Benjamin Dube has been not been in a committed relationship for a while and was rather focusing on raising his sons and his ministry.

He lamented that there is a price to pay for everything, every challenge can propel us to great heights than before. Saying he paid the price and has some of the scars but those built him up to be the Benjamin Dube whom we have come to know.

Church and Ministry

Bishop Benjamin Dube responded to his call in ministry and founded his church called High Praise Centre, the church is based in Vosloorus, Gauteng. The High Praise Centre was established in 1994 as a small congregation and has now grown to over 1500 in membership in Vosloorus. The ministry also has about 7 branches under High Praise Centre Vosloorus that submit to his leadership as a Bishop.

Benjamin Dube Foundation

The Benjamin Dube foundation is his way of having a vehicle to giving which is very important to him. He says he is inspired by the word of God to have time to consider other peoples needs. For his 60th birthday he wanted to continue with that quoting the bible saying “blessed is the hand that gives than the one the receives”.

Style and Image

On a lighter note at the age of 60 years, Bishop Benjamin is still looking strong and well kept. We know him for his prim and proper look. Benjamin Dube is gentleman and says its important to keep clean. The iconic German cut and s-curl makes him stand out even in a crowd but also his fashion forward sense of style.