More on Maverick City Music Sensation

#KINGDOM with our brother Kirk Franklin on the Amazon Music

South Africa has caught on the fire set by music group Maverick City in the United States(US). Maverick City Music is a relatively new but chart topping popular contemporary gospel music group founded in 2018 in the US.

Who are they?

Their live shows are explosive and it is similar to the Joyous Celebration concept in terms of but focus strongly on recruiting singer, songwriters, worshippers with a sound that is uniquely their own. The group has been disruptive in a way and blurring lines across genres and race politics because their music has the crosses over effect.

The most popular members of the group are Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore, Dante Bow, Brandon Lake and Harold Brown to name a few. The recently saw the Ledwaba’s Mpoomy Ledwaba and Brandon Praise with their lead singer Chandler Moore while at their concert over seas in New York.

New Music: Kingdom Book one deluxe

The Kingdom Book one deluxe LP features nine new songs that were recorded on tour in a Florida prison yard as part of a an awareness of the number of people in jail. Maverick City Music’s new genre-transcending project is in collaboration award winning artist Kirk Franklin.

Kingdom Book One Deluxe Album include songs such as:
1. Exodus
2. I Am
3. The Name
4. Hold Tight
5. Conclusions
6. God’s Got Us
7. I Found You
8. Under The Blood
9. Can’t Nobody