Ncebakazi Msomi Shares Gripe on “Couple goals” Comments

Ncebakazi Msomi and Husband

Award winning gospel musician Ncebakazi Msomi came in hard on her social media page. Ncebakazi Msomi got two nods at SAMAs for her debut solo gospel album called The 34th Psalm.

The former Joyous Celebration worship leader, Ncebakazi also went on to win Song of the Year at the INGOMA for her single titled ‘Ukufezwa Kwamadinga’.

In a post with a picture of her and her husbands Ncebakazi shared her gripe with the popularly used term “Couple Goals”. She does post her family and husband from time to time on her social Medea pages. She refused to identify as ‘Couple Goals’ and discouraged her followers from using the term loosely.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.

Proverbs 18:22

In Her Detailed Post Ncebakazi Msomi Shared:

Firstly, God won’t bring you together just because you look good together. My gripe with “couple goals” (those who know me know how I hate that shallow title) is it’s typically assessed based on the least important aspect of the tie, which is the seen.

God, who is very romantic btw (despite what some may think), will not prioritize “must look good on pics together” when He navigates your steps for His purpose for your life. We have to dispel this because if you think this is core, you will attain it and then rest instead of searching for the true “why”, wherein lies the grand plan of God.

Second and lastly, it’s a lie of the devil that God does not know your true “type” (shallow, fickle word but I’ll use it for its widely understood meaning).

He in fact knows “it” better than you in the most meaningful aspects, for the you that you are now and the you that you have yet to uncover (my parents told me this and only as I grew older I learnt they weren’t capping). God is not in the business of punishing you with the exact opposite of what you need, trust, He who sees all stands a better chance of hitting the spot than human beings with limited views.

There are lies the devil has made some accept that we must dispel one by one, when time allows one day, I’ll expand on especially point 2, or God will send you someone else to expand cause I might be too busy chewing a KFC bone, who knows😊.

Till then, have a great and productive week!!