Outrage as Pastor Creflo Dollar Backtracks on “Tithes”

Creflo Dollar on tithes

Pastor Creflo Dollar on “Tithes System”

Popular American “Word of Faith” Preacher Creflo Dollar backtracks on tithes saying his teachings on tithes were not biblical. He said in his sermon, tithing is Old Testament law and Christians are now only under Grace.

Creflo Dollar is the founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International based in Fulton County in United States of America with a membership of over 30,000.

What Sparked the Creflo Dollar Outrage?

Social media went a buzz over video clips of his sermon from a series he released on his YouTube channel on 26th June 2022. Be began by ordering the congregation to destroy books and videos that he previously released about tithes before digging deeper.

Infront of a full church Creflo Dollar admitted that he’s been preaching the wrong gospel when it comes to tithes. He emphasized with various scriptures that tithes are an Old Testament teaching and are no longer relevant for New Testament believers. He also sighted that he is still growing in the subject.

Creflo Dollar is also a book author, flies in private jets, has a fleet of luxury cars, multiple houses has been highly criticized for his faith based wealth over the years. He recently began to change his teaching on prosperity gospel has now confessed that he failed when it comes to the teaching of tithes.

In his sermon Creflo Dollar highlighted that worship and gratitude is by far the most important thing that man can have in terms of intimacy with God. He says that if one tithes, it should be because one chooses to, absolutely out of their free will between them and God.

“I may lose some friends, preachers may not invite me no more because of my teaching against tithe, but I think I have already been through that.”

Creflo Dollar

Reactions to Creflo Dollars Sermon on Tithing

Basically church we we have two choices: continue tithing or cease tithing. Either which way we go, we will have to answer to God for the choice we made.

Some questioned if he was sincere enough and questioned what this will do to the gospel around the world. First it was Benny Hinn who in 2019 changed his theology and renounced the prosperity gospel message. Creflo Dollar’s confession that he’s been preaching the wrong gospel when it comes to tithes for New Testament believers is going to be a major game changer especially in Africa.

Pastor Dollar’s sermon was meet with a lot of confusion in the church but many also welcomed his message feeling vindicated for denouncing tithes from the beginning. Some lamented saying they are tired of the famous pastors making the job of all the hard working local men and women of God even harder by their antics.

However some argued that Creflo Dollar NEVER SAID Tithing was wrong totally. He said he’s been TEACHING it the wrong way. He did raise a point that “Fear” and “Guilt” should never be the posture in which we give to God. His point was that we have to see it under this new covenant of Grace not from an old covenant viewpoint. We are not to give out of demand but from a place of love and appreciation of God.

Full video of Creflo Dollar Denouncing Tithes