Palesa Madisakwane Sparks Debate After Burning Sangoma Attire Turning to Jesus

Palesa Madisakwane exits sangoma trial for Jesus

Palesa Madisakwane Denounces Her Sangoma Initiation on Social Media

Tv Actress and presenter Palesa Madisakwane shook social media when a video of her burning her sangoma initiation attire and praying in tongues went viral.

Palesa on her Spiritual Journey and Conflict

Most people may also know her from her recent appearance on her ex partner’s reality show called Living the Dream with Somizi as they have a daughter together.

Speaking with Drum Magazine, media personality Palesa Madisakwane said that her relationship with Jesus is not something new, she has always been a Christian but moved away from it. However after years of her alternative African spirituality walk as a sangoma initiate, she realized that the answers she sought after were always in her faith in Christ Jesus.

According to Palesa she had consulted a traditional healer because she was experiencing concerning dreams for a long time together with other personal challenges. She was advised that she had to become a sangoma and undergo initiation through ukuthwasa because of that.

Palesa further recalls her life events that lead her down the path of alternative African spirituality. Speaking to Drum Magazine she says that life was hard after she got divorced, then lost her house and car. Things were not going well, that was when she started seeking answers after being advised by a friend to consult.

Palesa Speaking on the Social Media Backlash :

Palesa apologized on offending people but explains why she felt she had to denounce publicly at the time.

She said that her journey was also documented on a reality show publicly so that’s why I decided to go public again to inform people that she has seen the Light.  Palesa further stated that she was referring to her personal journey in the video. “It was my cloth, I don’t understand why people said that I was disrespecting their religion. My intention was not to offend or belittle anyone.” She said.

Ricky of Church Reality Check on YouTube also had an interview with Palesa. She also details the story of church hurt and the confusion that influence her decision at the time.