Pastor Mboro Allegedly Spent Easter in Heaven

Mboro Gospel Corner


South African pastor Paseka Motsoeneng who is popularly known as Prophet Mboro rocked social media after he claimed to have spent his Easter’s in heaven. Mboro is the founder of the Incredible Happenings Ministries that is based in Johanesburg.

Local news sources reported that the pastor was captured to heaven during a church service and came back hours laters. While he was in heaven he allegedly was able to take pictures that he is willing to share for an amount of R5000.00 each. He claims to have met a lot of saints featured in Bible and even met Jesus himself.

Many took to social media platforms to express their shock at the claims, while others shared  MEME’s ridiculing the matter. Mboro lashed out at people on his church’s Facebook page saying people should be focusing on his miraculous journey and his proof of afterlife existence.

Mboro is not new to controvercy , he previously made headlines for moving around with bodygaurds that carry AK 47 guns to protect him from haters. He is also known for using unconnvetion methods to heal and deliver people such as touching women’s privates and selling bottled holy water. He has a huge following and many travel just to attend his services.