Prayers to Success

I love the caption on this image – ” When prayer becomes a habit – success becomes a lifestyle”. This is so true on so many levels, be it spiritually or psychologically because prayer is a powerful tool even Jesus recommended it. Prayer is thereputic and if done regulary it becomes a healthy habit easily. When praying have these in mind

  • Be clear about what you want ( Ask & you will receive – Matthew 7:7)
  • Tell God about what makes you unhappy & why it makes you unhappy ( Let your reasonableness be known – Phil 4:4)
  • Believe in the promises & word of God ( He watches over his word to fulfil it – Issaih 55:11)
  • Believe you deserve & are ready for what you are praying ( Check out – James 4: 2-3)
  • Be willing to put your faith in action and work towards your change.
  •  Prayer + Persaviarance = Success

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