Rebecca Malope Not Real Name?

Rebecca Malope


Social media was a buzz earlier this month when the Queen of Gospel music shared her musical journey in an interview. Many were shocked when the gospel star revealed that the name Rebecca was just her stage name.

She was given the stage name when she started out because it was more catchy & separated her private from the public life. Rebecca’s real name is Batsogile Lovederia Malope from the Mpumalanga province. The name stuck on people’s lips after her gospel hit single ‘ moya wam’ & her stage name Rebecca was solidified. In her past Rebecca had survived a lot in her childhood & gospel music lead her on her path to healing.

Twitter did not take this well & various MEMEs followed. They said they feel betrayed by this ‘revelation’. However, some are having none of it as they say they don’t recognise Batsogile.

One even said “I bet even God knows her as ‘Rebecca Malope’ not Batsogile Lovederia Malope,” while others questioned if our country is even called South Africa. Others questioned if her signature german hair cut was even real.Another fan was faced with a dilemma after revealing she had named her child after Rebecca because of her. What must happen now?

These were obviously jokes & over reactions. This raised a lot of questions but one thing we cannot dought is her music. She has released more than 30 hit albums from decade to decade.