Rebecca Malope’s Album Treasure.

Rebecca Malope

Rebecca MalopeRebecca “Ribs” Malope, this woman of God has been blessed with decades in the gospel music industry. These include multiple awards and platinum selling albums. Rebecca was one of the first gospel artist’s to be honoured with a life time award at the Crown Gospel Awards for her contribution to the growth of South African gospel music. One would think that maybe after releasing more that 30 albums she would be exhausted but she says no, she still feels she still has more to offer. Many already call her South Africa’s Gospel Queen , it was no surprise when she was awarded the doctorate title to her name, we can now all refer to her as Dr Rebecca Malope.



After trying for so many years to get into music ever since she was a teen she finally got her big break in 1996, she released her first American record with an international company. The following year, she signed with the EMI subsidiary Hemisphere and released Free At Last: South African Gospel also in 1996 and she kept on going. Her latest album called Ama VIP was released last year which include fan favourite called “amaVIP”, “Fix me Jesus”, “Sivikele” and many more. Close sources say she is working on her 36th album which she hopes to release next Easter. Her Albums are a timeless collection rich with diversity in sound and powerful messages. I wish I could name them all but I would run out of space here on the internet (LOL). South Africa is blessed to have such a great gift , don’t you think?

Rebecca Malope

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