A Rise in Religious Tourism

There has been a rise in religious tourism in the past 5 years. As a christian you have probably done it once or more without even realising it. This is also refered to as faith tourism where people travel in groups or even alone for faith based leasure, conferences or missionary outings. This might be something to put on your new years resolutions and in the years budget.

However the latest religious tourism trend that has emerged is the cruise ship tours. In South Africa there is the Metro FM Gospel Cruise that will be early 2018 again this year. It is a 3 night and 4 days cruise to Mozambique islands with prominent gospel ministers such as Dr Tumi & Pastor Benjamin Dube sharing music, sermons and testimonies during the journey. There is also the “Phenominal Life Cruise” in the USA and recently Prophet Bushiri will also be having a cruise called the “Prophetic cruise with Prophet Sherperd Bushiri” that gathers believers on a 4 nights trip on a ship. The ” Gospel cruise with Highway Radio” who will be doing their 3rd cruise this year in Frebruary.

Another popular religious tourism destination has been the Prophet TB Joshua church package to Nigeria where over 100 South African perished when one of their guest house collaped in 2014. The church has a dedicated tourism ministry that takes care of international guests to the church.


The most popular trip for christians around the world is the Israel tour to the Holy Land and the Easter Passover conferences that bring thousands of congregants together. These bring about business opportunities such as accomodation, food & catering, sound equipment, transport and gospel intertainment for locals in the area.

Christianity does not have to be a boring dead end life, there is alot to experience and enjoy with faith based festivals, concerts and intertainment.