Sindi Ntombela Releases “Cloud of Glory”

Sindi Ntombela Shammah Records

The “Kunomehluko” Hit Maker Sindi Ntombela has Released.

New comer at Shammah Records Sindi Ntombela does not hold back in ministry, have you heard her music? This September Sindi Ntombela released her album titled “Cloud of Glory”.

Sindi’s “Cloud of Glory” comes after her well received gospel single titled “Kunomehluko” translated as “There is a difference” that was released earlier this year.

More About Sindi Ntombela

Sindi Ntombela hails from KwaZulu Natal’s capital city called Pietermaritzburg. She may be new to some of us who recently meet her through her music but she started singing from her teens at a very young age.

She comes from a big God loving family of more than 5 siblings and her father is a Pastor. She is the youngest from the girls. Her passion for singing started back then and has been growing ever since waiting for the right opportunity.

Sindi Ntombela’s Musical Journey

She sang at school assembly and served in the music ministry at church until she went on to collage to study further in Journalism with her keen interest in keeping people well informed.

Having seen she can really sing, in 2014 she joined a group and they later went to audition for XFactor South Africa but did not win in that season. After XFactor South Africa, that opened a few more doors for her and soon got invites to weddings and events to perform.

With some help, Sindi recorded her first studio album called “Ngambona” in 2019 just before Covid-19 hit. Ngambona had a contemporary gospel sound but it did not reach alot people at the time.

Sindi Ntombela’s Latest Album Under Shammah Records

Sindi Ntombela attributes her recent success to prayer and simply the grace of God. Her song called “Ngaphesheya” with Dumi Mkokstad opened more doors for her ministry. Apparently, Sindi went to the same high school with Dumi Mkokstad at some point. Dumi reached out to her so they can work on music together and that was her turning point.

“Kunomehluko” and many other songs were born from those music sessions. Kunomehluko was actually written by Dumi Mkokstad and Sindi Ntombela was the perfect person to capture the essence of the song. “Kunomehluko” was clear favorite in her album Cloud of Glory as many relate to her interpretation of the song. They were inspired by that when the Holy Spirit graces our gatherings, one is always able to sense the difference that changes the atmosphere.

Cloud of Glory by Sindi is a 15 track album with hymns, traditionally gospel and sprinkles of contemporary. The album is available online on reliable digital stores.