Takie Ndou Releases The Great Revival

Takie Ndou The great revival

The Great Revival is here, Takie Ndou has put it together in his latest live recorded album. Award winning South African gospel artist Takie Ndou dropped a new musical offering, The Great Revival (Live). Gospel singer and songwriter Takie Ndou has released his highly-anticipated album called The Great Revival (Live) just at the right time. He was excited about his latest offering saying “I can’t wait for you guys to hear this full project”.

The album is made up of 18 tracks with a mixture of praise and worship songs in various South African languages that Takie is well versed in. This includes fan favorite Swati single ‘Imvula Iyeta’, Ngiyavuma, Ndi Vhone ndila and Though it all featuring Collen Maluleka just to name a few. Takie’s fourth album ushers in a renewed era of faith in trying times. Click to watch video.

The album has been received well, Takie Ndou is a great vocalist and experienced worshiper. The Great Revival (Live) peaked on the top on the charts of digital platforms on its release. The gospel music lovers soon jumped on it and even in Tiktok the Great Revival is there with hilarious videos. Click to watch video.

He was born in Ha-Mutsha Limpopo then came to Gauteng to study IT where he went through many hardships even homelessness because of lack of funds for tertiary education. Takie started in gospel music as a worship lead at church. He then went on to record professionally back in 2004 after quitting his full-time job in the IT industry because of his love for gospel music. He and his four siblings were raised by their mother after his father passed away when he was 15 years old. He now has his own family, he is a father and husband too.