TD Jakes Refutes Malicious claims with P Diddy as a “lie”

TD Jakes responds after P Diddy

Bishop TD Jakes’ Family Stands Firm after Being Lambasted for P Diddy Association

Speaking to the church just after being lambasted for his P Diddy Association TD Jakes responded saying “Out of concern, some of you come here to hear what I have to say. If you come here and expect me to address a lie; you can log off.”

His congregation applauded TD Jakes as he added, “I will not use this sacred day and this sacred pulpit to address a lie when I have a chance to preach the truth…But there will be a time.”

Bishop TD Jakes and his wife

Thomas Dexter Jakes, better known as Bishop TD Jakes was ordained in 1979 as a minister of the gospel. He is now serving more than 30,000 members at his church called Potter’s House that he founded. He is a Tele-evangelist, book author and a businessman. In 1981 TD Jakes married Serita Ann Jamison and they have five kids together.

Bishop TD Jakes is now the most popular international televangelist since Billy Graham but this title has also come with more scrutiny from the public. Social media went ablaze in December 2023 accusing TD Jakes of horrific unsavory behavior.

There has been allegations on social media about TD Jakes behaving inappropriately at a P Diddy party. P Diddy  is a popular American musician who is a rapper and businessman know for hosting parties. The controversy started on social media when video’s of TD Jakes dancing at P Diddy’s party started circulating.

One of the picture’s also has P Diddy allegedly leaning on the shoulder of TD Jakes, the photo seems like a harmless father and son photo to others while some speculate otherwise. Reports then started saying P Diddy’s long term ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura who recently filed a lawsuit that was allegedly settled out of court went to the police with information about the alleged horrific unsavory behavior of P Diddy around males including TD Jakes.

TD Jakes spokesman allegedly admitted that he went to Diddy’s party but it was just only to show support to the businessman.

Many in the church community were disappointed at the circulating news about TD Jakes lashing out on their social media platforms. Pastor Gino Jennings condemned Bishop Jakes for going to party with P Diddy and even called him“ T D Snakes“ in a video.