Thembi Responds After “Funda Thembi” Social Media Trend

Thembi mazibulo of Funda Thembi

The Church Also Reacts After the “Funda Thembi” Trend

Thembi Mazibuko of the popular “Funda Thembi” social media trend is a praise and worship leader who originally hails from a small town called Nquthu in northern KwaZulu Natal. She was seen ministering at Resurrection Power Crusade in East London (eMonti ) lead by Reverend Victor Mbuli. Her voice woke up South Africa and most importantly the Church.

Babheka kuye phezulu, bakhanya; ubuso babo abusoze bajabha.

AmaHubo 34:5

Thembi Responds Following the “Funda Thembi” Trend

In Thembi’s interview on UKhozi FM’s breakfast show she was amazed by all the trends that followed. She highlighted that she was under the influence of Spirit of God at the time and her focus was on ministering to God’s people. Her pastor Reverend Victor Mbuli, who is also the founding member at the “Resurrections Power Crusade” where Thembi was seen reading did not take kindly to some of the remarks made regarding “Funda Thembi” trend.

Her pastor Reverend Victor Mbuli also responded on his social media account saying:
“I have been quiet since from Thursday when this video clip went viral, I can’t make sense to everyone.
This happened in my crusade in East London, we were deeply immersed in God’s Presence and those who were present can attest on the move of God during this moment of FUNDA THEMBI”.

More about “Funda Thembi” and Resurrection Power Crusade

The Resurrection Power Crusade moves around across South Africa, it had a 3 day tent crusade from the 9th to the 16th of October. The trend “Funda Thembi” started on social media when someone took a portion of the recording of the tent service where the young lady was reading the bible verse of the day. She read it from the top of her voice with so much boldness. Their next Crusade will be held in Cape Town at Delft township.

What stood out for many was the continuous follow up request by the pastor who was preaching. He requested her to repeat the bible verse multiple times. Many on social media were amazed, but as Thembi repeated the verse she became more bold and loud showing no irritation by the pastors request but instead zeal. While others questioned her tone and her voice projection. She read from Psalm 34:5

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame

Psalm 34:5, NIV

The Church Reacts to “Funda Thembi” Trend

While social media such as Twitter seeked to ridicule and make light of the word of God using the “Funda Thembi” video clip but the church received a revival on their side sparking a debate. In the Church or Christian community many saw the anointing in Thembi who was seen passionately reading from the Bible during a church sermon and many heard the message.

Funda Thembi Bible-reading moment has since gone viral and opened doors for her, this is what South Africans had to say: