Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi’s Bags a TV Show on DSTV


Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi’s Bags a One Gospel Gig on DSTV

TikTok sensation, speaker, Master of Ceremony ‘Mc’ and content creator Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi has bagged a gospel comedy show on One Gospel. Alphi is the host of the new show called “Let There Be Laughter” that airs on Saturday evenings exclusive to One Gospel, DSTV channel 331.

Speaking about the DSTV show Alphi shared saying “I can’t believe I have my own TV show. I don’t know what God is doing but I’m here for it.”

I can’t believe I have my OWN TV SHOW 😭😭😭 I don’t know what God is going but I’m here for it.

The Daveyton born wedding MC and content creator, Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi has been a hot topic of late, his success is no surprise. We have seen him feature on the DSTV Viewers Choice Awards, Metro FM, Kaya FM, SABC, ENCA to discussing his TikTok content, childhood, church life, his battle with anxiety and his future aspirations.

More About “Alphi” Mkhwanazi

“Alphi” Mkhwanazi was born and breed in the East Rand, Gauteng well, in Daviton to be specific. He is the first born of two children and is followed by his late younger sister. He on went to school in Benoni then got the opportunity to go to the University of Johannesburg( UJ) where he did a marketing and communications related degree. He completed his undergraduate degree and is currently perusing an honors degree majoring in strategic communication.


He attributes his flamboyant nature to his mom, he comes from a very comical family, he said that he actually believes he is actually the least extravagant in an interview with TBose on Kaya FM.
His whole family has big personalities and when he left home to further his studies at UJ he also got a chance to shine because he stood no chance at home.

Extravagant as they were they are also a God loving family, he grew up surrounded by a Godly teachings too from a young age. With a Full Baptist background but attributes most of his church life to the multi domination Assembles of God. Till this day he appreciates a good tent style or traditional gospel track to start his day or set him on a better mood.

“Alphi” Mkhwanazi on his “MCing” Gigs

He has been a Master of Ceremony “MC” or Program director from his teens. This started when a wedding MC cancelled on the last minutes at his church and they just asked him to take his place.

From his first gig as a MC he knew that speaking and entertainment was his thing. He soon became a
favorite in his neighborhood for weddings, conferences, parties, funerals. As he has become more popular, demand has grown, he has also done brand events and even cooperate gigs.

“Alphi” Mkhwanazi TikTok Career

His TikTok career was also something he stumbled upon and it amazingly took off. He had a camera and time on his hand when he took his first video sitting on his bed. He says he went on to TikTok to vent or share his opinions and people gravitated towards that he said in an interview with ENCA.

His content is very refreshing, relatable and funny with church comedic twist always coming out.
He looks up to alot of content creators to grow TikTok and MC careers for his Alphi brand.
Sipho “Alphi” has had the opportunity to work with alot of brands as a creative and also a content creator because of his TikTok influence. Speaking on influencer marketing Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi add that it is growing as people tend to relate to a brand based on the personalities. An influencers is not only about being cute but also a subtle call to action to a view using creative art says Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi speaking to Lebo Lion.

Overcoming anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Anxiety can be a fuel, like adrenaline if managed correctly. Anxiety is a continuous feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something that can be overwhelming at times. With the success he has built recently imposter syndrome may creep in as an anxiety. Speaking on anxiety Sipho Alphi says he found that he struggled with it but now he does a pulse check from time to time to check his mental health.

To calm his thoughts on anxiety before big gigs and for alignment he told TBose on Kaya FM that he goes for long walks as he is not much of a runner, something he dubbed Aphi Power Walks. In his walks, he gets time for affirmations, meditation and prayer.

Sipho uses water to balance and regroup in his bath tub where he is most creative. He also uses the shower often moments as his practice ground for MC lines and interviews. We have seen video of his creative work in a bath tub on TikTok.


Sometimes I throw in that vayi vayi for spice. 🤣🥰😍☺️ #AlphiTheMC

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