The Church Turns to Top 3 FREE Apps on Lockdown

The church too has been affected by the restrictions that come with Covid-19 pandemic. There are affordable Apps below that that the Church can use to continue to spread the gospel and keep in touch with congregant. The world wide spread of the corona virus(covid-19) has forced people to stay in doors and put restrictions on physical gatherings.


Facebook – Live, Zoom , YouTube even WhatsApp for easy audio and text.

Like many other places around the world, South Africa suspended Church services to stop large gatherings of people. There are readily available apps that the Church can turn to. In no particular order here is the list and setup details from believers sharing their gifts and knowledge for the advancement of the kingdom: Facebook – Live, Zoom , YouTube even WhatsApp for easy audio and text.

Facebook live streaming

Facebook Live enables you to easily create live video broadcasts on Facebook from your smartphone or desktop.

At the end of the broadcast, your video is saved and displayed on your Facebook page for later viewing. Tips by Monte

Zoom Live streaming

Zoom video conferencing is free for a limited number but known for its ease of use, high quality HD video and audio, and collaboration facilities such as text chat and screen sharing. Zoom meeting attendees can also join a Zoom meeting without signing into the app.

Zoom also allows you to record a video or audio of the meeting or presentation that can be downloaded and accessed later.

This is a perfect solution for remote bible studies, homeschooling, distance learning and a whole lot more. The video below shows how to go about a live stream on Zoom by The Church Media Guys.

How To Live Stream with Zoom by The Church Media Guys.

Youtube Live

Most people are already on YouTube, easier interface that people already know.
Ability to schedule streams (make events).
Ability to promote my other YouTube video.

In the video below Dave Adamson demonstrates how to stream with facebook.

Dave Adamson – How To Live Stream Your Church On YouTube

In general for other recording

Jake breaks down the essential equipment and software you will need to build a church live streaming system that is affordable, user-friendly, and reliable. The video below has details by Jake Gosselin.

Live Streaming Setup for Churches 2020- Churchfront with Jake Gosselin