Verse of the Week

The cross Easter Weekend

The crossVerse of the Week:

“I am the Lord who opened a way through the waters making a dry path through the sea.” [Isiah 43 vs 16]

Notes from the verse of the week:

  • The Lord can make a way where there is no way.
  • The Obstables that humans face are not a challenge to him.
  • He will make a way out for you as he did for Moses when he was faced with the red sea.
  • Find rest in his Word and let him lead you day by day.
  • Remember we are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us.
  • The Lord is the one who can help you work a miracle in your situation.


Short Prayer:

Lord Jesus, I give you the situation that I am facing. I pray that you give me the wisdom and strength to survive in this time. Part the sea for me so that I too may walk through like Moses. Lead me through and on to the victory you have prepared for me.