Zanele Mbokazi on Sangoma Claims

Zanele Mbokazi on Sangoma Claims

Zanele Mbokazi Denies Sangoma Claims by Musa

Zanele has strongly condemned the defamatory claims made on Twitter calling them a lie. South African TV personality and business woman Zanele Mbokazi Nkambule is one of latest to fall prey to cyber attacks by the infamous Musa.

A loaded twitter post by popular catfish account called Musa Khawula claimed that Zanele was in initiation to become a sangoma.

Zanele Mbokazi’s Swift Response

Zanele swiftly called out Musa Khawula advising him to get his facts straight and not rush just to trend Twitter using lies.

Zanele is well recognized for work over the years including being the founding executive producer of the Crown Gospel Music Awards and also is a pastors wife to Bishop Mpendulo Nkambule.

Thank the Lord Zanele Mbokazi shutdown all the Sangoma rumors’ made about her on her social media pages and many came out to give her moral support. She reposted a screenshot of Musa’s tweet and captioned the post as follows;

I am sitting in my lounge at home & boom – this. WeMusa Khawula, asazani, ungangibhedeli mina uze utrende ngamanga. Get your facts straight, my boy.

Zanele Mbokazi Nkambule

Musa Khawula’s Tweet

Twitter was a buzz in the morning after reports from Musa Khawula catfish account on baseless accusations. Musa went as far as claiming that Zanele laMbokazi had not eaten for 2 weeks, was taken to the river and prayers from her husband were failing. Of course this attack on Zanele was a shock and many were disappointed on the reports while others were worried about the Crown Awards.

Musa’s tweet was posted as below:

Zanele Mbokazi -Nkambule is at initiation school to become a sangoma. This comes after she wasn’t herself and not eating food for 2 weeks. She started crying and demanded to be taken to the dam but refused to enter. Her husband had a prophet pray for her but that failed.