Zizo Tshwete Opens-up on Devotionals

Zizo Tshwete

TV and Umhlobo Wenene FM radio personality Zizo Tshwete uses her personal social media to open discussions on various life challenges. On Zizo’s Instagram account she tackles various topics then shares Bible verses and devotionals in an effect to reach out.

Share the Gospel of Christ and if necessary, use words. – Dr Sylvester Funani

Dr Sylvester Funani

Zizo Tshwete was introduced to South Africa many years ago as the winner of Miss Teen South Africa. Her gift to authentically connect with people opened many doors for her career soon after that. Zizo has worked as TV presenter, brand ambassador, model , natural beauty activist and recently a drivetime radio presenter on Umhlobo Wenene FM.

Her faith in God has developed over the years and she is not apologetic about her choice of belief. In her video devotionals and posts Zizo lets us in on another side of her where she is venerable to the Holy Spirit and zealous for God.

The sometimes 15 mins to 1 hr devotional video’s sermons on her Instagram have been received well and the viewership is increasing organically with each topic she tackles using the word of God in the Bible including reverent prayers.

She started the video devotionals at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown effect. She was doing a campaign for a client where she was given an opportunity to talk about issues dear to her and her faith in God was one of them. Despite the huge following of her devotionals sermon sessions ,Zizo however is reluctant to take on the preacher tittle. She says its her way sharing her perspectives on how we are impacted by daily issues.

Zizo emphasizes that the most important thing we are called to do is “Share the Gospel of Christ and if necessary, use words. – Dr Sylvester Funani”